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[Breaking] BIGBANG’s “Stupid Liar” 30s Audio Preview

Source: BIGBANG Official YouTube Channel


[Breaking] f(x) to make comeback this week?

There is a picture of what is supposed to be f(x)‘s teaser comeback photo making its way through  the internet world. The rumored picture shows silhouettes of each girl  while each girl poses in a James Bond-esque way. Many are saying that they will making their comeback through Music Bank and then the teasers for the MV will be released then.

Many are comparing this photo to the Smash hit that was Hoot by SNSD/Girls’ Generation which was released last year.

Fans are at the edge of their seats just waiting to find out if the rumor is true or not.

Stay Tuned to Hellokpop for the latest update regarding this rumor !

Source+Photo Super Aff(x)tion via HelloKpop

SHINee’s Key teases that they are working on a new album

With many artists who were to perform or debut in Japan switching to Korean comebacks in light of the disasters there, SHINee maybe one of the many to follow suit.

The March 29th episode of ‘Love Pursuer’ had member Key giving a message to his grandmother, where he revealed that they were working on a new album. With their Japanese debut postponed, the album could likely be their Korean comeback album. You can view the clip of him saying this below.

Despite their debut status in the Japanese market being unknown, SHINee will be performing in Japan in May as part of a benefit concert to help out the country.

Are you excited about the possibility of a new Korean album?

Source: MTVK via Koreaboo

f(x) Krystal is a Barbie doll at Seoul Fashion Week

f(x)’s Krystal recently attended the 2011·2012 Fall/Winter Seoul Fashion Week at Gangnam-gu, Seoul, on March 30th. Krystal arrived at the fashion show with a jean skirt, body suit with a white collared shirt underneath. Her long hair and legs gave her the look of a Barbie doll.

On March 29th, SNSD’s Jessica, and also Krystal’s older sister, took the catwalk and was a model for the same fashion show. Jessica made her runway debut in a leather outfit and gave off a femme fatal atmosphere.

For this year’s fashion show, a total of 36 fashion designers took part and included rookie fashion designers as well. Seoul Fashion Week began on March 28th and will last until April 2nd.

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Source: NTN via Koreaboo

Lee Seunggi says, “I shave twice a day”

Singer Lee Seunggi is drawing attention for his alter ego “Beast Seunggi.” On March 29, Infinite’s Sungjong made an appearance on SBS “Strong Heart,” where he revealed that due to his delicate looks, he has received confessions from guys before. He started his story by saying, “My body began changing when I was in high school. I even grew facial hair then.

“I shave once a month. That makes me a beast.” With that statement, he expressed pride in his physical changes.

Lee Seunggi asked in surprise, “You shave once a month? There are times when I shave twice a day.”

MC Kang Hodong then added with a dissatisfied expression, “Are you saying that you’re ‘Beast Seunggi’ now?” drawing huge laughter from the others present.

“Beast Seunggi” is a nickname that Kang Hodong gave to Lee Seunggi after watching a dance he performed with Kim Ah Jung. His performance at that time was as energetic as the nickname suggests. Seunggi even tore off his clothes, showing off his “wild beauty,” and in doing so became a topic of much interest.

Meanwhile, artists including Moon Heejun, Cha Yuram, Lim Yejin, Kim Boseong, Park Seonggwan, Lee Jihye, SHINee’s Onew, f(x)’s Luna, and Kim Taewoo also made an appearance on this particular episode.

Source: TV Daily via Koreaboo

Jay Park performs as an opening act on Ne-Yo’s concert

Ahead of his solo comeback this April, Jay Park continues to impress his audience and fans as he opened for Ne-Yo’s concert in South Korea today.

On the 30th of March, Hyundia Department Store sponsored Ne-Yo’s concert as they celerbated their 40th Anniversary in Seoul’s Olympic Stadium. Jay Park, who recently met the international R&B artist during a “Dream Academy” two days ago, was the only Korean artist selected as an opening act.

Jay Park said, “It’s an honor to perform the opening stage for an international musician. I will try to show wonderful performances for the opening stage.”

He was reported to have sung his cover for “Nothing On You,” and performed his own single “Bestie” and “Speechless” onstage.

Source: Newsen, 425sonnet and SofiaKR via Koreaboo

BEAST to meet with their fanclub on April 2nd

After finishing the promotions for their last mini album, “Lights Go On Again”, the members of BEAST have been doing their own activities. Kikwang has been busy with “My Princess” and Doojoon has the sitcom “All My Love”. Yoseob is currently staring in the musical “Gwanghwamun Sonata” and is also a regular on “100 Points Out of 100”.

Additionally, BEAST just released their remake of Fukuyama Masaharu’s “Rainbow” earlier this month.

Today, BEAST revealed something exciting for their official fanclub. The announcement stated that the BEAST members will be meeting with their fanclub, BEAUTY, on April 2nd at Korea University in Seoul.

On the 27th of March, Yoseob wrote on UFO Town, “I want to see BEAUTY quickly! I hope BEAUTY and BEAST will continue to love each other for a long time!” Leader Doojoon also stated that the members of BEAST are excited to meet BEAUTY soon. On the 20th, he sent a text message saying, “I want to meet all the BEAUTY really soon!!!^^”

Wish you could attend the gathering?

Source: Newsen via koreaboo