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[Download] TVXQ! – Keep Your Head Down Repackage Album (3 New Songs)

The TVXQ! duo is back with their repackaged album with three new tracks – albeit it being one song with different versions.

Before U Go is a heavy RnB track with heartbreaking lyrics. The song especially highlights the duos ability to sing incredibly high notes without sounding nasal. It is a break-up song that has a lot of honesty and heart.

The line, 이것만은 알고가 너만 사랑했었던 단 한 남자였다고 ( Just know this before you go – that I was the only man who loved you only.) expresses the theme of the whole song.

Although there are debate over its similarity with Chris Brown’s Take U Down and SM The Ballad’s Hot Times, the duo gives the song a different feel and their luscious vocals are definitely listen-worthy.

Thanks to iiisra at jenpoo for the review 🙂

Here’s the download link > Click Here if you ♥ TVXQ


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