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Photo of SM’s new boy band “M1” practicing leaked

A photo of SM Entertainment’s upcoming boy band, nicknamed “M1,” has been leaked online and shows the 7 of the 9 rumored members practicing a dance wearing black clothing. It has been rumored that Jino, who made his debut with S.M. The Ballad, will also be a part of this group.

Netizens have already given the new group a nickname as the boy version of SNSD, giving them the name “So Nyun Chun Ji” or “Boy’s Land.” They have also identified the members in the leaked photo.

The rumor is that there are 9 members in “M1,” however the leaked photo only has 7 members practicing, which makes one wonder exactly how many people will be a part of this new group. It may be possible that the group has been changed from a 9-member group to a 7-member group.

SNSD went through 3 revisions before making their debut with the current lineup as a 9-member group. As many fans may remember, T-ara’s Soyeon and Coed/5dolls’ Chanmi had been in the SNSD lineup.

Jino has not been identified as one of the boys in the photo. Netizens identified the following members in the photo:

Main Vocal – Junghun (1992)
Posted Image

Main Vocal – Yuchisu
Posted Image

Visual – Park Chanyeol (1992)
Appeared in SNSD’s Japanese “Genie” MV
Posted Image

Visual – Kim Joonmyun (1992)
Posted Image

Kim Jongin (1994)
Appeared in TVXQ’s “Ha Ha Ha” CF, known as Taemin’s friend
Posted Image

Ryu Chao (Chinese)
Posted Image

Leessing (Chinese) (1994)
Posted Image

Members who are said to be missing from the photo are:

Jino (debuted in S.M. The Ballad)
Posted Image

Kim Munkyu
Posted Image

Practice photo
Posted Image

Source: Daum Bulletin Boards via KoreaBoo


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