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MBLAQ’s Lee Joon Subway Ride

MBLAQ's Lee Joon Subway Ride

Once again one of the members of MBLAQ gives A+ a cute surprise.

Lee Joon and Star News shared a set of pictures of him traveling on the subway.

He took the Seoul’s Subway Line 5 and started his trip. Trough the photos we can see his excitement and anticipation, just like a little kid. Also he showed a mature and serious expression by siting and reading a book.

Joon revealed that if he does not have an schedule he would take the subway or the bus, and actually the people around do not recognize him.

He also mentioned that once eh even run into Simon D while arriving at a station.

Well it is not a surprise for fans to know that people do not recognize him on the street, and it seems that this has been quite helpful for him, since he can easily use public transportation.

https://i2.wp.com/www.gokpop.com/i1/news/2/7314-m1a1doenwd.jpgsource : GoKpop, StarNews


World Famous Conductor Praises Rain

World Famous Conductor Praises Rain

One of the most famous conductors in the world, Maestro Chung Myung Whun, talked about Rain in a recent interview. The eye-catching factor is that he is not interested in many popular things – “However, I know the singer Rain”.

World famous, Chung Myung Whun does not particularly like interviews, mostly because of his tight schedule. However, we cannot say that he dislikes them, because he does not express any form for unease. The Maestro was interviewed by Reuters, where he was asked in a part of the interview, “Do you happen to know Korea’s trot music and national singer?”

To this, Chung Myung Whun replied,

“I’m computer-illiterate. I don’t even want to use it.

I’m not interested in how the world works.

I read only one English newspaper every day, I like to read the sports and comics.

My day-to-day life is very simple, so my music, family, and my children, have only been a huge part of my life for over 30 years. That’s it.

What is the trot? I don’t know the famous ‘national singer’ at all.

However, I know singer Rain.

His relentless practice and persistence is somewhere to the right of classic music.

Becoming the best of all does not happen just by itself.”

To be praised in such an honorable way surely is yet another achievement for the singer. Meanwhile, Rain was recently named TIME’s most influential person.He also went to New York for the ‘TIME 100 Gala,’ where he met Sting.

Source: Daily Economy, Nate, GoKpop

Who is the Guitarist Performing with Park Bom “Don’t Cry”?

Who is the Guitarist Performing with Park Bom "Don't Cry"?

Are you curious who the guitarist is, who performed together with 2NE1’s Park Bom her song, “Don’t Cry”, on yesterday’s broadcast of YG ON AIR? We will tell you…

Yesterday 2NE1’s Park Bom had her live session through YG ON AIR, and she sang the acoustic versions of her solo songs, “You & I” and “Don’t Cry” accompanied by a talented guitarist.


Who is this guitarist?

It is Suh Won Jin, who used to perform as Rumble Fish’s guitarist until he was introduced by Kush to the YG Family. Suh Won Jin’s first collaboration with an artist of YG Entertainment was for GD&TOP’s songs titled, “Baby Good Night”and “Oh Mom”. The most recent tracks, in which you can listen to his playing guitar skills are Big Bang’s “Love Song” and the live version of Park Bom’s”Don’t Cry”.


Let’s pay more attention to those around our favourite stars because they try as hard as those in the centre of our attention!

source : Music Naver, GoKpop

[110430] MBC Music Core Performances // After School, Eru, Kim Wan Sun and Turtles make a comeback !

Tonight’s MBC Music Core includes the hot stages from 4minute with “Mirror Mirror,” f(x)’s “Pinocchio (Danger),” and CNBLUE’s “Love Girl.” In addition, other performances include Rainbow, A Pink, Tony An, Yangpa, Ali, X-5, and Spinel.

There were many comeback performances tonight as well and just as many goodbye stages. Comeback performances include Turtle’s return with their latest single, “Hero,” Kim Wansun, After School, and Eru.

To VIPs disappointment, Big Bang had their goodbye stage tonight and performed their other title song off their 4.5th Special album, “Stupid Liar.” Woolim Entertainment’s male group, Infinite, also wraps up their activities with a last performance of “Nothing’s Over” on Music Core. K.Will says goodbye after successful activities with “My Heart is Beating.”

Tonight’s hot debut comes from Koyote’s Kim Jongmin with his first debut solo single, “Oppa, Stay Strong.”

Last night, f(x) won their first ever award for their title song, “Pinocchio (Danger).” Watch the performances below! What was your favorite performance? Your favorite comeback and goodbye stage?

source : Koreaboo, CrazyCarrot270 @ youtube

MBLAQ’s Mir Becomes a Tour Guide While Cheon Dung is a Turtle

MBLAQ's Mir Becomes a Tour Guide While Cheon Dung is a Turtle

Every episode of Sesame Player bring a new surprise and the leads this time were Mir and Cheon Dung.

Even though Mir is not part of the show, once in a while he shares a video or phone call. This time he was walking around his hometown and introduced his family members. HE was so cute asking his mom about the name of the King’s statue, which he revealed used to scare him while he was younger.

On the other hand, Cheon Dung and G.O were walking around when they suddenly found a cute rabbit. As Cehon Dung tried to get closer and `play with it, the cute rabbit kept running away from him, showing that thunder was almost as slow as a turtle. At one moment he almost caught him, but ended up with his hand covered in a ‘gift’ from the rabbit. Since G.O was making fun of him, he decided to follow him around to share the gift.

Check the video and enjoy their sweet cuteness.

source : GoKpop, mlipuffycheeks @ youtube

TVXQ Dominates Album Sales for First Quarter of 2011

TVXQ Dominates Album Sales for First Quarter of 2011

Gaon Chart’s recently revealed their list of the top selling albums of year so far, crowning TVXQ as the no.1. best selling artist.

The duo made their long awaited comeback earlier this year with their 5th album “Keep Your Head Down” and as of March it has sold over 200,000 copies.

BIG BANG who broke the record for most pre-sale copies with their “Fourth Mini-album” came in at no.2 selling over 130,000 copies.

Check out the Top 10 list below

1. TVXQ – “Keep Your Head Down” (236,669)
2. Big Bang – “Fourth Mini-album” (139,104)
3. TVXQ – “Keep Your Head Down, Repackaged” (51,354)
4. CNBLUE – “First Step” (44,414)
5. Seungri – “V.V.I.P.” (41,302)
6. Various Artists – “Park Colleen’s Selections” (35,831)
7. Super Junior-M – “Too Perfect” (35,000)
8. Various Artists – “Secret Garden OST Special” (30,278)
9. MBLAQ – “BLAQ Style” (27,702)
10. GD&TOP – “First Official Album” (23,004)

source : GoKpop, Gaon

Why is After School’s Bekah Absent from Performances?

Why is After School's Bekah Absent from Performances?

After School is back on the stage, however Bekah will not be performing ‘Let’s Step Up’ with them.

Pledis announced that Bekah’s recent absence on the MV and their ‘Let’s Step Up’ stage is due an injury suffered during their comeback preparations.

Even tough she was still able to perform ‘Shampoo’ and all the After School members will keep on presenting their cool stage on the following days.

Pledis also asked the fans to comfort Bekah and support all the After School members.

source : AfterSchCraze, GoKpop