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5dolls’ Soomi talks about going from maknae to leader

In an interview with Chosun Ilbo, 5dolls’ leader Soomi has spoken a little about her jump from maknae to leader. Soomi had earlier debuted as the youngest member of girl group SeeYa in 2009, but transferred to the 10 member group ‘Co-Ed’ in 2010. She has now had her third debut as the leader of Co-Ed’s female sub-unit, 5dolls.

Soomi said, “When I was SeeYa’s maknae, I always relied on my unnies. And now that I’m a leader, I really feel the pressure and I always get stressed because of it.” Soomi insists that her concerns about “not getting the other members hurt” is what drives her to work hard.

Soomi further explained that her earlier vocation as a stewardess is not something she hopes to do in the future. “I watched JYP audition and was chosen for Park Jin Young’s “Gifted Development Project 99% Challenge”. With being a young age and having to live away from my parents, of course my parents opposed of it. But I thought that one day I could achieve my dreams and worked hard for it… Right now I’m doing what I always wanted to do, so I don’t regret it.”

In the interview, Soomi also revealed that she listens to the Top 100 Charts to keep updated on current hits, that her favorite books are those of mystery and crime, and that recently she has been on a diet and eating salads and an apple each morning. Her usual choice includes chicken, chips and pizza. After declaring that this year is to be 5dolls’ year, Soomi expressed hope for a chicken CF so she can indulge in her favorite food.

Do you think Soomi has found her place as 5dolls’ leader?

Source: Chosun Ilbo and Core Clique


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