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Big Bang’s Countdown Starts with G-Dragon

Big Bang's Countdown Starts with G-Dragon

YG Entertainment released another teaser for Big Bang’s upcoming special edition and started the countdown until its release with this.

Big Bang will release a special edition of their 4th mini-album, “TONIGHT”. This repackaged album will contain various tracks from Big Bang’s “TONIGHT”, the members’ solo albums and 3 brand new tracks including “Stupid Liar”, “Love Song” and Daesung’s “Baby Don’t Cry”.

YG Entertainment already released various teasers for this upcoming release like the photo teaser of T.O.P or the 30-seconds preview of “Stupid Liar”.
Today another teaser was released. YG Entertainment uploaded the photo above on their official blog starting the countdown until 8th April on which Big Bang’s 4.5th album will be released. On the photo, you can see Big Bang’s leader, G-Dragon, looking stylish with a red-white cap and feathers as earring. Its title is “D-DAY 7” with the sub-title, “bigbang special edition released 2011.04.08”.

Look forward to its release!


source : GoKpop


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