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Brave Girls’ Latest Photo Attracts Attention

Brave Girls' Latest Photo Attracts Attention

On the 31st, newest girl group to debut, Brave Girls, have unveiled new photos of themselves which made curious netizens wonder what these group of girls had in store.

In the meantime, actor Shin Ha Gyun’s niece took the lime light of being the leader, Eun Young has been receiving much popularity. As a five member girl group, Seo Ah, Yejin, Yoojin, and Hyeran also exploited five different illustrious images before their debut which aroused curiosity.

The photos published flaunted the individuality of each member utilizing the concepts of tom boy vs sexy girl. Brave Girls raised their distinctive charm next to existing girl groups.

Their agency stated, “In their future stage, Brave Girls will show their intensity and charisma as well as an innocent look for variety show cases.”

Meanwhile, Brave Girls will be unleashing their awaited single at midnight come April 7th through online sources.


source : GoKpop


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