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New Girl Group ‘FORCE’ is Ready to Debut + Members Revealed !

New Girl Group 'FORCE' is Ready to Debut

Four member girl group is ready to debut on the K-Pop scene.

An entertainment company under the name ‘GKE’ has announced the debut of a new girl group.

‘FORCE’ members have been training to make their debut and have claimed that they are ready make fans fall in love with them and their music since they are going to become the number one band on the K-Pop industry.

The real names of the members have not been revealed yet but we know that they have picked a letter for the the name of the band that represents each one of them and what they want to show as a group.

FORCE has also have mentioned that they are ready to become the best girl group and dethrone SNSD, 2NE1, After School and more.

According to a representative they have a mixed music style and their first production will include dance songs, ballads and more surprises.

It has been said that the production of the album is in charge of some of the best producers in Korea and it even has the secret participation of a world famous composer.

The new girl group FORCE had shared the identity of the members as well as the meaning behind their name.

FORCE is composed by 4 girls who have been waiting for this chance their whole life. More than a band they have mentioned that they are friends and sisters that will be together forever.

Instead of meeting each other at a company they have had this dream for a long time. Minnie, Rina and Sehyun have been taking classes since they were kids and when they decided that they were ready to show their abilities they knocked the doors of many companies until they were finally accepted. Tara was their friend but she never expressed her feelings about becoming an idol, until one day her friends discovered her amazing talent and asked her to join them. It was not easy for them to debut together since they had to follow a rigorous selection procedure at GKE, but their individual talents were just the right ones for the group.

FORCE was crated by the strength and dreams of 4 regular girls who never stopped believing that miracles can turn into reality.

Fighting 4 = ‘F’ Represents the union and passion of the four members to shine and never fall down no matter what.


Optimist = ‘O’ is the letter chosen by the leader. She picked it because she wants to be the strength of the band and also wants to protect the members inside a circle so they can always stay together.

Minnie has always been the guiding light of the members and the one who encouraged them during all these year. She met the members on singing and dancing lessons when she was starting and introduced each other. Minnie is also very talented playing the piano and composing songs.


Real = The second member decided to use the letter ‘R’ in order to show the world the real sides of themselves and their dreams. She wants to let people know that they are real girls even if they are living an incredible dream.

She is Minnie’s cousin, and have always been together. Both of them were always interested in dancing and took lessons since they were kids. Rina knows classis and modern dance and use delicate moves on strong choreographies, giving them a different feeling.


Cute = With the letter ‘C’, the third member and maknae, wants to show the cute side every girl has. She thinks that whenever a moment is hard or difficult being cute can help them smile and remain happy.

Sehyun is the younger in the group and met Minnie during vocal lessons. She is the kind of kid that will always smile even if she wants to cry, and has an unbelievable strength. She decided to join Minnie and Rina after seeing them dancing together. Sehyun was born with a sweet and delicate voice but was not able to dance until she worked day and night, and with the help of the other members was able to overcome this obstacle.


Endearing = The fourth and last member who joined the group picked the ‘E’ since she believes that they will be able to make people like them immediately because of their group and individual charms and talents.

Tara was always around the girls and supported them with their dream. She never thought that she was able to join a pop group and actually did not even considered the idea. However, one day her friends listened to her voice discovering her hidden talent and told her that she could become a great singer. Little by little she became more confident about her own talent and joined her three friends. After experiencing some insecurity moments she now thinks that everything is possible and became a bright girl that keeps a bit of her shyness, which makes her adorable.

source : GoKpop Exclusive


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