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Baby VOX mentioned in an English exam in China?

Old school group Baby VOX has been attracting attention after the group was used as an example in an English exam in China. Former Baby VOX member Kan Miyeon uploaded the picture on her personal me2day and stated, “Baby VOX in an English exam…a Chinese fan sent this to me. It even lists all the members’ names!”

The fill-in-the-blanks question on the exam went along the lines of “If you are a music fan, you will know the names of Baby VOX members”.

In 2003, Baby VOX released their 6th album “Devotion,” which was very popular across Asia. The group went through many line-up changes and had members such as Kim E-Z, Lee Heejin, Shim Eunji, Kan Miyeon and Yoon Eunhye.

Netizens have left comments such as, “Baby VOX’s popularity is really high” and “Even over time, this is a group that we don’t forget.”

Posted Image
Source: Star News via koreaboo


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