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GoKpop’s April Fools Confession !!!

GoKpop’s April Fools Confession

The time to confess has finally arrived.

If you were wondering if we played a joke on April Fools, well we have to admit we did.

During the day we have been posting articles about the debut of the new girl group FORCE. Actually some of the users (and crew members) were really excited about this but we are sorry to announce that it is an innocent joke on April Fools.

The crew at GoKpop decided to create a new band and use it for our joke since we respect our users and did not want to hurt any of the fans at the site. We even gave you a few hints like ‘GKE’ (GoKpop Entertainment) and the YouTube account is called ‘kpopf4llll’.

We have to give a special thanks to the GoKpop crew; all of us worked together preparing the profiles, pictures and even the album teaser. Also a few of our users became ‘Secret Agents’ and helped us during this mission posting encouraging comments.

We hope that you had fun with us on this day.

By the way here is the image we used for the band and now you can know a bit more about the real owners of the mysterious shadows. And the song we used for the teaser is ‘Morning Kiss’ by ‘Kiss Me Five’.


Thanks to GoKpop for their KPOP April Fools Articles xD


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