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Orange Caramel’s “Bangkok City” costumes under debate

The costume to girl group’s Orange Caramel “One of Asia” project, “Bangkok City,” has become a controversy among netizens. Orange Caramel released their music video for “Bangkok City” on March 31st and presented bold dance costumes.

In the music video, Nana and Lizzy’s costumes have been the subject of controversy. Nana wore a corset and wore tights that gave off a Lady Gaga feel. In addition to that, netizens felt it was embarrassing in the part of the choreography where Raina and Lizzy bend over. Lizzy’s costume came under debate as well due to the bra being on the outside of the shirt instead of inside.

Netizens said, “Lizzy outfits is so embarrassing. Why are you wearing those clothes?” and “This is for exposure, but still it’s embarrassing.”

Orange Caramel’s agency responded, “‘Bangkok City’ [music video] took place in a club to reflect the funky concept. The said costume that are under controversies is just part of the fashion [funky concept].”

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Source: Newsen via koreaboo


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