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4Minute’s Jiyoon praised for her new charm on their music video

Known for her strong image amongst 4Minute, Jiyoon’s new charm on their music video for “Heart To Heart” has elicited some good responses from their fans.

In the music video, Jiyoon enacted a number of revenge tactics against Hyunah’s cheating boyfriend. Apparently, one of the most talked about scenes in the music video was when Jiyoon replaced the content of the Jungshin’s toothpaste with an athlete’s foot cream. Netizens were reported to have been amused by her ‘devilish’ facial expression during that scene.

Expressing their fondness over Jiyoon’s new charm, netizens further commented that: “She’s so cute!”, “She seems to be a little devil!” and “Her facial expression is the highlight of the video!”

Meanwhile, 4 Minute has just released their first full-length album entitled “4 Minutes Left” and has continued to gain more support for the childish story concept for their music video for “Heart To Heart”.

Posted Image

Source: Asiae and 4-Minute via KoreaBoo


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