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SHINee’s Key and Onew Support a Friend on Me2Day

SHINee's Key and Onew Support a Friend on Me2Day

SHINee’s Onew and Key caught the attention of fans yesterday with some fashionable photos of themselves on their Me2Days, telling fans to support a friend of theirs on this Sunday’s broadcast of Opera Star. “
Yesterday, Key uploaded a photo of himself wearing sexy shades and a cool face, posting a message to support a friend: “Haha! The weather’s good! Wanna meet fast…ah! right~ a noona I really like, Sunday is on “Opera Star”, please watch! I’m super excited for it too, everyone please cheer her on too ‘_’ ”


Onew posted a similar message as well, posting a photo and writing:
“Hello Our Sunday noona! Will be participating in opera “Opera” event? Haha~that’s the genre~I think it’s a type of music so good it can bring you to tears~Actually, once I opened my mouth big and~anyways~Cheer our Sunday noona on! Opera star~ Sunday noona fighting~!

Fans praised them both for their eye catching photos, telling Onew: “Oppa! Your so cute!”, “Kya~~~~~! Oppa, you’re so cute!”, “Oppa, so cute when you dress up! I’ll cheer noona ” and Key: “Your fashion sense is AWESOME keke ”

source : GoKpop


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