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Teen Top Plays an April Fool’s Day Prank

Teen Top Plays an April Fool's Day Prank

The idol group Teen Top got into the spirit of April Fools’ Day by playing a prank on their fans by releasing a fake concept photo on their homepage.

In spirit of the April 1st holiday, Teen Top played a rather clever joke upon their fans.

On their official homepage, the group released an image entitled “Bellboy: May I Help You?” which they claimed to be their new concept. In their supposed “new concept” image, the boys are seen wearing black suits and standing before a rainbow background.

Fans became considerably excited, believing the image to truly be a teaser for their new release. But even after the hoax was revealed, fans’ reactions were overwhelmingly positive. Fans left comments such as “Their group name is not TEEN TOP, it’s Bellboys,” “Their new concept is Magic Boys?,” and “The password on the bottom of the photo must have another secret meaning.”

What do you think of Teen Top’s April Fools’ Day prank?

source : GoKpop


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