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2PM Taecyeon Misses His Wash Board Abs

2PM Taecyeon Misses His Wash Board Abs

In recent postings on his twitter, Taecyeon revealed his wishes of getting his well-know wash board abs back by eating healthier, exercising, and most of all, quitting drinking!

Taecyeon tweeted, “Please recommend me food that isn’t spicy, salty, or that had a lot of fat. My ab exercising mode from year went missing, so I’m trying to get back in shape like I was during the Cabi promos… It’s so different. I think I’ll go back to it.”

An acquaintance replied, “We should do it together,” and Taecyeon responded, “I’m gonna be on a no alcohol policy for a while. I hate both drinking and exercising. But we need to do what we have to do before playing. We’ve been called ‘beastly idols.’ How can we live up to that name while looking like animal pets?”


Taecyeon showed off his determination by posting, “It’s been a long time since I’ve showed off my abs! Let’s run forward to the day I have them back!”

In the meantime, 2PM will be hosting a fan meet on April 3rd at Kwang Woon University in Seoul.

source : GoKpop


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