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4Minute reveals an album jacket photo for “4MINUTES LEFT”

Earlier it was revealed that 4Minute would be releasing their first full length album “4MINUTES LEFT”. Recently, they released their mini-album “Heart to Heart”.

This full length album will include songs from “Heart to Heart” like “You Know” and “Sweet Suga Honey!”. The Korean version of their Japanese single “First” will also be included in the album.

4Minute recently teased fans with a group of teaser images from their “STEAL 20” concept, featuring a more mature side of the members. Today, 4Minute released another album jacket photo, which has a totally different concept. The photo shows a softer, brighter image of the girls.

Check out the photo below! Are you excited to see what 4Minute’s final concept will be?

Posted Image
Posted Image
Source: Star News and @CUBEENTOFFICIAL via KoreaBoo


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