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Kim Hyung Jun and Kim Ki Bum Talk Business

Kim Hyung Jun and Kim Ki Bum Talk Business

Brothers Kim Hyung Jun of SS501, and Kim Ki Bum of U-Kiss were recently interviewed in DongA Sports Magazine, where the two talked about their new company HnB, saying “You can’t be an idol forever, you have to consider the future.”

In 2010, brothers Kim Hyung Jun and Kim Ki Bum, idols from SS501 and U-Kiss, announced they were forming a joint business called HnB. Since then, the company has been very successful selling ‘Piro Piro’ neck cushions in Korea, pictured above.

According to Kim Hyung Jun: “We won’t always remain young idols in groups. We have to invest and plan for the futures. I will prove that my business is a success.”
He then continued: “My brother Ki Bum is an idea bank. It would be good if we could start the business while presenting various products to the fans as gifts at the same time. The two of us have been directly involved from the very beginning, from the design to the development of our products… Because of the fame the music business brings, people tend to think all you have to do is use your idol status to be successful in business. However, I want to focus on the quality and practicality of our products. When creating a new product, I try to think from the perspective of consumer in order design things consumers would purchase.”
The two brothers will begin selling two new products this April, called ‘Siro Siro,’ and ‘Maro Maro.’

source : GoKpop


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