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Korean Stars for ‘Seoul Fashion Week 2011’

Korean Stars for 'Seoul Fashion Week 2011'

The ‘Seoul Fashion Week 2011’ kicked off on March 28th, and a lot of your favorite stars attended the event. SNSD’s Jessica, G.NA, Park Han Byul and CN Blue’s Jung Shin starred as some of the models. Along with the dazzling runway styles, you can check out the celebrities that were present at the event. Here’s a post for our fashion-interested readers.

The Seoul Fashion Week 2011 took place starting March 28th, and came to an end on April 2nd. Many Korean celebrities were featured as models, while others appeared as onlookers.

Before you take a look at the footage from the event, here’s an insight on what the event was about.

Fashion Takeoff

The fashion week was hosted under the auspices of the Seoul Metropolitan Government as part of its Korean fashion globalization project. A new professional trade show, “Fashion Takeoff” was featured. This event was held on the 29th till the 31st of March, and targeted exclusively the international fashion world. This includes from fashion professionals, to buyers and press. According to Seoul Metropolitan Government, it aims to ensure a long-term success for the Korean designers, while it builts some of Korea’s coming generation’s growth engines. Current and upcoming talents that are supported by the government’s ‘Seoul’s 10 Soul’ also took part in this session.

Along with the ‘Fashion Takeoff’ this year’s program included “Generation Next” and “Seoul Fashion Fair” in order to reach out to the overseas market. During the Fashion Week, organizers did not only showcase the latest runway fashions, but also cutting-edge IT technology through a business-friendly “Smart Pad Tablet order system”.

Seoul Collection

Seoul Collection was the only program open to the public, as well as the main attraction. It was set to premiere the latest collections made by 27 veteran Korean designers, such as Lie sang bong for Lie sang bong Paris, Chang Kwang Hyo for Caruso, Choi Bumsuk for General Idea by Bumsuk and Gee Chun Hee for Miss Gee Collection.

The Charity Bazaar

However, this is not were it ends. The Fashion Week also hosted campaigns to raise relief funds for Japanese earthquake victims. Not only this, but they also did a charity event with donations by renowned designers. The charity bazaar took place on April 2nd, and gave the fashion-conscious a perfect chance to add a designer label to their wardrobe, and help Japan with its recovery efforts at the same time.

Eat Your Kimchi’s Video on the Event

You can watch G.NA‘s 360° transformation at 0:34 in the video, and check her on the catwalk again at 2:04. SNSD’s Jessica is viewable from 1:06, with glamouros outfits and hair.

Lastly, you can take a look at some photos from the event below.

Tell us what you think about the event, and especially G.NA’s look in it!
Who was hot and who was not?

Special thanks to Hwang Dana at Korea.net via GoKpop


4 responses

  1. Ro

    i have another question.. i cannot find a site where i can see al the fashion shows from this march 2011. http://www.seoulfashionweek.org is not working..
    could somebody help me..

    April 10, 2011 at 18:24

  2. Ro

    thanks.. reviews always work as well. but i am looking for all pictures of the designers collections. normally there is a site where you can find all the (seoul) designers with there latest collection.. do you know what i mean?

    April 10, 2011 at 21:55

    • I’m not sure about that.
      I’m not a fashionista. I’m just a KPOPPER. lol I think you should try google it. 🙂
      or look up in fashionista.com

      April 11, 2011 at 16:36

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