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T-ara’s Qri Confesses to Being in a Recent Relationship

T-ara's Qri Confesses to Being in a Recent Relationship

T-ara member Qri made a surprise revelation on the latest episode of the MBC variety show ‘Bouquet,’ where she confesses to having a boyfriend until recently.

Also, one of the T-ara members’ mother appeared on the show and judges were asked which daughter was hers.

The judges felt this game might have been too easy as the striking resemblance between Qri and the guest mother were very similar. Kim Jun Min pointed out, “Besides the nose, she resembles Qri the most.”

But other members on the judges panel experienced a bit of confusion so they chose So Yeon as their finalist. The guest mom prepared a letter for her real daughter, which mentioned the name Qri. Qri was so touched standing next her mother in the heart-felt moment, she actually shed a few tears!

Also on this day, T-ara members were also in shock when Qri mentioned her relationship with another man up until recently.

source : GoKpop


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