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Cheon Dung Reveals MBLAQ’s Comeback?

Cheon Dung Reveals MBLAQ's Comeback?

The cute Cheon Dung recently mentioned on his cyworld about MBLAQ’s comeback.

Cheon Dung posted a message on his cyworld account after a while. He mentioned that he does not writes often because he is not good at Korean.

But the good part of it is that he mentioned that the members of MBLAQ are currently working on a new album and they might release it in June. He even mentioned the name of a new song at the end of the message.

Check his cute post and be ready for their amazing comeback.

Hello, this is Doong Doong~^^Hi everyone, I’m Doong Doong~^^
Looks like I haven’t left a message in a long time, I’m so sorry ㅠㅠ
I actually have a reason for not writing a message often~
Until now I’m still not very good in Korean alphabet spelling? It’s a bit difficult, I’ll be embarrassed if I wrote wrongly.. Keuk..
But because I have so many things I want to share with everyone so I’ll keep writing even if I’m wrong
I decided to leave aside studying and practising Korean and write a message~! +_+
Don’t make fun of me if I make a mistake! Okay!? kekeke
Um.. Are you curious about what we MBLAQ are doing nowadays~~~!!!??
That’s the question I came here to answer today!! Woohahahaha
I’m so lovable right? ~~? =ㅁ= hehe
We MBLAQ are currently preparing for our next album~
Although the decision hasn’t been finalized yet, there should be plenty of opportunities to meet everyone in June~ hehe
June isn’t too far away right!? hehe We’ll be very sad if you cheat on us… ㅠㅠ
We MBLAQ are weak men..
Anyway!! We’ve produced various types of music styles as MBLAQ~
Even if everyone’s expectations are raised as high as the atmosphere, we will show a higher standard! Woohoohoo!
Theeeeeen I’m going to sleep now! hehe Everyone have a G.O.O.D night~~!!

P.S Oh and…. My first song Hamburger Steak.. Look forward to it~^^

source : GoKpop


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