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IU Almost Had Her Nose Done?

IU Almost Had Her Nose Done?

IU confessed in the upcoming episode of SBS’ ‘Night after Night’ how she went to the doctor to get plastic surgery, but returned without.

IU admitted, “I went to the plastic surgeon before my debut. My nose is small, it has a low profile and is deep or flat.”

She continued “The doctor told me that I have such thin skin, that they would only be able to raise the nose by 1mm. So, I failed to get it in the end”, drawing laughter. Regardless, she was praised for “still being cute without surgery”.

One would say that IU has small facial features that actually look sharp, which makes her look very pretty. But what can we say? Celebrity or not, everyone has certain things they would like to change about themselves.





What do you think? Was it a good thing that IU failed to get the surgery?

source : GoKpop


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