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4minute prepares for their imminent comeback

4minute are preparing for their big comeback. The Cube Entertainment girl group will have their first comeback stage on April 7th on Mnet M! Countdown and will be performing two title songs.

It has been nearly a year since their last release in Korea. 4minute will be performing their two title song from their single and first full-length album, “Heart To Heart” and “Mirror Mirror,” which have both been topping charts upon their release.

In addition, ahead of their comeback stage, 4minute revealed a photo from their early morning comeback practice. Netizens have affectionally called it the “fainting photo.” However the exhausted looking 4minute members have drawn both laughter and sadness from fans.

4minute says, “It’s been a year since our comeback. 4minute will show that we have improved and will show that we are a strong girl group on stage.” The music video for “Mirror, Mirror,” reached high expectation, and the song has topped both real-time, daily, and weekly charts online.

Posted Image

Source: Newsen via KoreaBoo


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