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Big Bang extends contract with YG Entertainment for 5 more years

YG Entertainment and Big Bang have revealed that the two have finished negotiations and have extended their contracts for 5 more years. The group, who debuted in 2006 have been with YG Entertainment for a total of 10 years including their trainee period.

When asked about the contract, YG Entertainment revealed, “Big Bang has been with us for 10 years since their trainee days and are like family to us. We are thankful that they have put their trust in us, the label they debuted with. Most of all, we are glad Big Bang will be able to [perform] before their fans for even longer.”

They continued on to discuss the problems that entertainment companies and idols go through at the “five year mark”, but revealed that “although there have been rumours about the group, the ones concerning discontent within the group or YG Entertainment have been inaccurate. We both have a strong trust in each other.”

Are you glad that Big Bang has extended their contract with YG Entertainment?

Source: BNT News via KoreaBoo


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