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Choi Jung Yoon Wants Big Bang’s T.O.P as Husband on “We Got Married”

Choi Jung Yoon Wants Big Bang's T.O.P as Husband on "We Got Married"

Actress, Choi Jung Yoon, unveiled that she’d like to have Big Bang’s T.O.P as husband, if she were to appear on “We Got Married”.

At the press conference for tvN’s new drama, “Manny”, starring Choi Jung Yoon and Lee Han, the 35-years-old actress, Choi Jung Yoon, said that she’d like to join the cast of “We Got Married” together with T.O.P as her husband.
“If I did ‘We Got Married’ I’d like T.O.P to be my partner. A long time ago, because I really liked Rain, I’d get the money and instantly go to a Rain concert, but because Rain has to leave for the army soon, I transferred to T.O.P”, Choi Jung Yoon revealed.

However, she concluded that it would be rathePreviewr sad for her to join the program, “We Got Married”, since she’s 35 years old now and not married yet.

source : GoKpop, Daum via iBigBang


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