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FT Island, To Take Part in “Muscle Girl” OST

FTIsland will participate in the OST of the Japanese TBS drama “Muscle Girl”, also starring its member, Lee Hongki.

FTIsland’s Japanese management company, FNC Japan, said on the 7th, “FTIsland will be singing the main theme song for ‘Muscle Girl’, titled ‘Haruka’. Besides, they also have another OST song titled ‘Someday’ (いつか). The two songs are recorded in their first Japanese regular album titled ‘FIVE TREASURE ISLAND’, which is slated for release on 18th May.”

Drama “Muscle Girl” which is scheduled to air on 19th April, talks about a tough love story between a female owner of a pro-wrestling organization and a Korean star. Ichikawa Yui, Makami Kensei, Yamamoto Hikaru and other Japanese cast will also participate in the drama.

FNC Japan said that, “FTIsland’s song matches the heartwarming scenes of ‘Muscle Girl’ very well.”

Prior to this, FTIsland’s ‘SATISFACTION’ was also selected to be the ending theme song for the Fuji TV anime ‘Toriko’, that was aired earlier on 3rd. This single will be released in Japan on 20th April.

source : DailyKpop, Yonhap News


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