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JYJ’s 3hree Voices DVD Season 2 Teaser Photos released

Previously we reported that JYJ’s Jaejoong and Yoochun returned to Japan in late February to film for Season 2 of their “3HREE VOICES” DVD. In addition, Junsu also visited Japan for a few days at the beginning of March, although the purpose of his visit was not explicitly stated. Season 1 was released back in 2010 with each member visiting a different place and introducing it to viewers. Junsu visited Australia, Jaejoong, with SS501’s Kim Hyunjoong, visited Canada and Yoochun decided to stay in Seoul. There has yet to be any information available about Season 2, however teaser photos have been released. From the looks of the photos, Season 2 may be about the members’ lives and will probably have footage of Japan since the members had to film in Japan.

Check out the teaser photos below.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Are you looking forward to the release of the DVD?

Source: DBSKnights via KoreaBoo


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