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Rania Holds a Successful Debut Showcase

Rania Holds a Successful Debut Showcase

Rookie girl group Rania, also called “the 2nd Baby V.O.X”, who recently revealed their debut single and MV a few days ago, held their debut showcase on April 6th at Hongdae V-Hall.

Rania is under DR. Music, and is produced by popular American producer,Teddy Riley. The group will also be preparing for their debut in the U.S.

Rania has seven members all in all namely, Semi, T-ae, Di, Lucy (Jui), maknae Xia, Riko and Joy. It is said that the members collectively speak 5 languages: Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, and ThaiJoy comes from Thailand and is fluent in four languages, while Riko who is Korean and grew up in Japan, has excellent Japanese skills.

During the showcase, the group performed their promotional track “Dr. Feel Good” in Korean, and a cover of the Destiny’s Child hit song “Stand Up For Love”.

Check out some clips from their showcase.

Meanwhile, there has been rumors that they will have an additional member by the stage name Leejo, who is Chinese.

source : GoKpop, The Star Chosun, TheFredoommk at YT


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