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“Running Man” members happy to have Yoona and Sunny as guests

On the 4th of April, fans have confirmed that Girls Generation’s Sunny and Yoona will be appearing on an upcoming episode of the outdoor variety show “Running Man.”

Confirming the two’s appearance on a recent filming, the show’s producer Jo Hyoyin revealed, ”If Park Yejin were to provide a family-like atmosphere, then SNSD will make all the male members happy because they are idols.”

Apparently, the show’s rules have also been changed for the first time. Instead of the segment “Find The Guests,” Sunny and Yoona are the ones who must find hiding members. The sudden reversal in the rules is said to add more excitement to the show.

The producer further revealed that there were also a number of love lines between the members during the games. He stated, “Song Joongki and Gary were strongly affected by SNSD. Unlike the male members, who were all excited, Song Jihyo seemed to be alert all the time. We finished the recording on a happy note.”

Following Park Yejin’s episode, Sunny and Yoona’s episode will be aired on the 17th of April.

Source:Fanwonder via koreaboo


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