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SeoHyun,Park Han Byul & Yoo Inna’s “Feminine Wave” hairstyle becomes a trend!

During this spring, the ‘feminine wave’ is expected to grow in popularity as more and more people choose to copy their favorite artist’s hairstyles.

Recently, a lot of men said they prefer Yoo Inna’s new ‘feminine wave’ hairstyle. Fellow actress Park Hanbyul for the movie “My Black Minidress” as well as Girls’ Generation’s maknae Seohyun have been seen sporting the same hairstyle as well.

Men chose the ‘feminine wave’ as the hairstyle emphasizes the artists’ eyes. Regardless of the season, all artists have also been receiving a lot of love.

What do you think of Seohyun’s ‘feminine wave’ hairstyle? Does it suit her or would another look be better?

Source: DailyKpop, Chosun


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