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Seohyun’s ‘Goddess Pose’ becomes a hot topic

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On April 5th, SM Entertainment established a partnership with the Korean Red Cross to promote humanitarian aid. On that day, SM’s CEO Kim Youngmin, Super Junior’s Yesung, SNSD’s Seohyun, SHINee’s Taemin, f(x)’s Victoria were presenet.

In media photos, Seohyun is shown posing naturally yet charismatically and has become a hot topic on the internet. On April 6th, a picture named “Beauty that Rises, SM’s Goddess Seohyun” was uploaded to a community bulletin board. With her small face and fitting ivory-colored one-piece, netizens are regarding Seohyun as a goddess.

Netizens have left comments such as “Seohyun’s face is small and she’s tall. Even her proportions are awesome” and “If a Goddess were to come down from the heavens, this would be her form?”

Source: Ilkan Sports via KoreaBoo


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