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T-ara’s Hyomin Joins The “We Got Married” Panel Crew

T-ara’s Hyomin Joins The "We Got Married" Panel Crew

With fellow member Eunjung joining the cast of “We Got Married” as part of their new couples, Hyomin has been selected to join the show’s panel to show her support.

The producers commented, “If there are artists from a group on the show, we try to add another member from the group onto the panel often,” adding “alongside the fixed panel members Park Misun, Kimg Hungmin, Kim Nayoung, there are also special panel members.”

Hyomin filmed her 1st episode with the panel group today, and then tweeted , “Today I watched ‘We Got Married’ with Eunjung unni on it. Hahaha… I feel bitter… Why did she bring the couple mirror she got from me me! Sheesh keke”

Are you looking forward to Eunjung & Hyomin’s 1st episode on “We Got Married”.

source : GoKpop


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