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Wheesung deletes his Twitter account, but why?

Wheesung has officially deleted his Twitter account.

On April 7th, the singer tweeted for the last time, “Hello Twitter friends and fans~ I hope you’ll all be healthy and hope for the best. I’m deleting my Twitter account! I love you all.

It currently shows that Wheesung’s account ‘realslow1982’ is deleted. He did not directly reveal why he deleted his account, but it can be inferred that this action was influenced by the massive hate comments the singer received from making his radiation rain statement.

Because of the nuclear power plant issue in Japan, Korea is receiving its own minute dose of radiation. Many government officials have been trying to calm the public’s fears by stating that radiation mixed in rain is not at all harmful. However, the public, including Wheesung himself, does not believe the government officials, which led him to make his controversial statement.

Wheesung tweeted earlier, “There’s such little amount of radiation in rain, so there shouldn’t be any health effects. Rather than persuade the public with thousands of words, take pictures of [yourself] in the rain with your mouth open. I think everything will be settled then.”

He later hinted that he was receiving lots of hate comments by tweeting, “I’m being cursed at again“, and quickly deleted his Twitter account.

Source: AllKpop, Nate


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