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B2ST’s Doojoon and After School’s Lizzy’s spoon kiss on MBC’s “All My Love”

As reported earlier, B2ST’s Doojoon recently had a kissing scene with his on-screen girlfriend, Soon Duk (After School’s Lizzy), through MBC’s “All My Love“.

Through the April 8th episode, the scene was revealed to be just an imagination scene of Soon Duk. Soon Duk had been pressed into a corner by teacher Kim Na Young, who teased her that she and Doojoon haven’t kissed yet even though they were a dating couple. To get out of this embarassing predicament, Soon Duk lied that she had a spoon kiss with Doojoon while eating dukboki.

After hearing her white lie, Kim Na Young and fellow teacher Han Young heaved envious sighs and expressed that it was more romantic than the foam kiss (Secret Garden).

source : AllKpop


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