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BoA’s Selcas of Latest Cosmetic Ad

BoA's Selcas of Latest Cosmetic Ad

On April 7th, BoA released selcas of herself on set of her latest cosmetics ad revealing her fresh, healthy skin and her ageless beauty! How does she do it?

Via her twitter, she posted, “During the recording!” along with photos of her during the shooting of the cosmetic ad.

Seen in the photos, BoA dresses down in a light green tank top with minimal makeup flaunting her ‘flawless honey skin.’ Jung Saemul, known for doing some of BoA’s exotic looks, stated, BoA’s fresh and clear appearance is what I love the most.”

Netizens commented,“Cosmetics ad? It must be for foundation,” “Even with lighter makeup, she looks pretty!” “You don’t age. Such radiant skin. I really envy you,” “A good face shape!,” “Come on I want to see the new ads ~ ~ “

source : GoKpop


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