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IU Earns 6 Billion Won for Online Sales Alone

IU Earns 6 Billion Won for Online Sales Alone

There is no doubt when it comes to IU’s popularity. New reports show that in the first three months of this year, IU has sold songs worth 6 billion KRW just on the internet.

Leon Entertainment explained that after her song in “Dream High” and the song ‘Good Day’ became hits, there were generated a tremendous amount of downloads on the internet.

They said, “We’ll have to wait until all of the calculations are done, but we project around W6 billion in sales.” A notable fact is that the sales are the highest for any Korean singer during that frame of time. Meanwhile, another thing which is quite amazing is that IU only debuted two years ago.

Great achievements by the young singer, don’t you think?
At this speed, who knows what the next great thing will be.

source : GoKpop


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