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Jewelry Selected as “Cotton Ambassadors”

Jewelry Selected as "Cotton Ambassadors"

The girls of Jewelry were recently appointed the honorary “Cotton Ambassadors” for the year of 2011 during an event which celebrates the product, and the textile industry as well.

On April 7th, the idol group Jewelry were appointed as the nation’s “Cotton Ambassadors” for 2011, at the “2011 Cotton Day Ambassador Appointment” in honor of “Cotton Day”. The event took place at the Seoul Plaza Hotel.

Cotton Day is held annually to recognize and celebrate comfortable and good quality cotton, but more importantly, the textile industry. The event takes place in many Asian countries, and 2011 marks the event’s 10th year in practice.


In regards to this rather unique honor, the girls of Jewelry expressed, “When we’re not on stage wearing costumes, we enjoy wearing clothes made out of cotton. So we’re glad that we were selected as honorary cotton ambassadors”.

Jewelry is also set to resume promotional activities by the end of this month their upcoming release.

source : GoKpop


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