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miss A to work with E-Tribe for upcoming album

Until now, there haven’t been direct reports by the Korean media on miss A’s impending return. But relevant information is slowly being revealed through articles related to other miss A activities or not entirely centered just on the group.

Through reports of miss A’s recent appearances, it was revealed that the girls were preparing for the release their new album, which is sometimes referred as a full-length album, and other individual activities. Now, through a series of articles about the wave of girl groups making their debuts and comebacks in April and May, it has been revealed that miss A will be releasing their album in mid-May with the help of some of the best Korean producers, including JYP who was responsible for their mega hit debut song “Bad Girl Good Girl” and E-Tribe.

E-Tribe is responsible for some of the biggest hit in K-pop like SNSD’s “Gee” and Lee Hyori’s “U-Go-Girl.” He has also produced more mellow tracks like Joo’s “Bad Guy” and MBLAQ’s “Cry.” E-Tribe was also responsible for Super Junior’s “It’s You.”

There is high anticipation and expectation for miss A’s comeback, which is being fueled by photos posted on Twitter of the girls at the practice room and their latest changes in looks. Also, their management company and JYP Entertainment sub-label, AQ Entertainment, recently opened an official Twitter account and Facebook fan page for the group, showing signs of preparations for the girls’ new activities.

But before their comeback, miss A will be performing at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium from May 6th to 8th as invited singers of the “KCC Switzen All That Skate Spring 2011”. Not much has been revealed about their performance but it is said they’ll be part of the finale with Kim Yuna and other top figure skaters.

Do you think the miss A syndrome will take over K-pop just like “Bad Girl Good Girl” and “Breathe” in the past? What do you guys think about E-Tribe producing for miss A?

Source: Star Today via KoreaBoo


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