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Orange Caramel Nude Photos? Netizens Reveal Mixed Reactions

Orange Caramel Nude Photos? Netizens Reveal Mixed Reactions

Orange Caramel’s sweet and playful concept is loved by many which has also placed them on a unique and constant spot on music charts. Recent photos of them on their latest photo shoot featured in nude-colored clothing as a style item has in drawn much attention from netizens. Is Orange Caramel now taking on a more mature look?

On an online bulletin, photos of Orange Caramel members in nude clothing and emphasized lipstick has been posted and spreading rapidly. However, some applications do not disclose whether the photos were taken for a provocative look, which raised many questions.


Netizens who saw the photos commented, “What the hell are you shooting with that kind of style?” “Perhaps Orange Caramel want to debut as models in a cosmetic CF?” “They already have an existing image of cuteness, the switch over to maturity is a bit lukewarm,” displaying their variety of reactions.


According to their agency, Pledis Entertainment, “The photos for the ad has not been shot. Please send Orange Caramel much love as they are preparing for more work,”

Do you think fans have too much to worry about for this advertisement?

source : GoKpop


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