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[110409] MBC Music Core

Solo artist Han Groo started off the night with her track, “My Boy.” After a greeting by the Music Core MCs, newly debuted girl group Chi Chi took the stage and performed their debut track, “Don’t Play Around.”

ZE:A performed a special outside stage of “Here I Am,” complete with argyle sweaters. Girl’s Day switched to green as their concept color tonight and performed a shortened version of their hit track, “Twinkle Twinkle.” Dalmatian made an appearance on tonight’s episode and performed a remix of their latest track, “I’m Opposed to That Man.”

Yangpa made her comeback on tonight’s episode with, “It Hurts.” Clover made their debut with “La Vida Loca.” U-Kiss performed their comeback stage on tonight’s episode with “0330,” and Orange Caramel followed with their comeback stage of “Bangkok City.”

Wheesung continued tonight’s episode as he performed his hit song, “Words That Freeze My Heart” with Hoya. Song Jieun performed “Going Crazy” with Bang Yongguk live for the last time.

4Minute made their comeback with “Mirror Mirror” and “Heart to Heart” on tonight’s episode. K.Will performed his track, “My Heart is Beating.” CN Blue followed with their hit track, “Intutition”. TVXQ closed the show with their latest song, “Know This (Before You Go).”

Check out the performances from tonight’s episode of Music Core, below!


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