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4Minute got worried about Jiyoon’s cold during their 1st Comeback Stage!

Seven days before 4Minute had their first Comeback Stage in MNET Countdown, 2 of their members caught colds and had body pains that made the whole group worried before they went on the stage to perform.

MNET staff went backstage to meet Jeon Jiyoon and learned that she was sick due to their heavy preparations for their comeback performances. It was revealed that there had been overlapping problems with regards to her physical condition for it has been highly affected because of too much strain, tension and practice.

Jeon Jiyoon said, “Our comeback appearances in different music programs will be starting today and I continue worrying about how our performances will be affected with my condition. After our scheduled activities today, I will have to go home and rest.” However, people were impressed for when the camera started filming, she stood in front like she has no cold at all and performed so well like a real professional.

Jiyoon continued, “Lately, a lot of new groups are emerging. Though we’re somehow worried about it, we also use it to motivate ourselves on doing our best with every performance. We are aware that we have to do better since we’re under intense competition.”

On the other hand, 4Minute continues to amaze everyone with their new songs – Heart to Heart andMirror Mirror, as well as their unique choreographies that they demonstrate on every performances.

Source: DailyKpop, Nate


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