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MBLAQ’s G.O Talks About Being Cheated in the Past

MBLAQ's G.O Talks About Being Cheated in the Past

On a recent radio interview G.O mentioned that he lived on a gosiwon 6 years ago.

A gosiwon is a cheap place where people who are going to take the civilian and bar exams live because they are really cheap. Also due to its low cost people who look for a place that is not expensive also live there.

G.O confessed that when he arrived to Seoul from the countryside, he signed a contract to buy a house, however he was cheated by the real estate since there was more that one contract. After this he had no choice but to live at a gosiwon.

He also shared some of his experiences by living there. He revealed that it was noise and that his room did not have a window because he had to pay 50,000 won more, which is around 50 american dollars. Also if he placed any food at the refrigerator it would be stolen.

Netizens said that he really experienced a lot of struggles, and that they can also relate to his experience.

source : GoKpop


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