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Netizens reacted on 4Minute’s transformation

Through their powerful performances of the songs “Heart to Heart” and “Mirror Mirror,” 4Minute proves that their Comeback has become successful despite of being in a long-year hiatus in the Korean music industry.

However, on their first comeback stage performance in MNET Countdown, terrible reactions from Netizens has been exposed. An online bulletin/ forum discussion board has been made for the video of their performance. Hundreds of explosive comments from Netizens came in right after the video has been uploaded in a site.

Netizens reacted on 4Minute’s transformation point between the two songs that they performed. The title song,“Heart to Heart”, gave a funny atmosphere with its cute concept and energetic dance choreography.

However, this atmosphere changed when they performed their other song entitled, “Mirror Mirror” where they have to perform the “floor sweeping” dance movements with their alluring and aggressive facial expressions and acting to overwhelm their viewers.

Meanwhile, right after their first comeback broadcast, the maknae of the group, Kwon Sohyun, immediately uploaded a selca on her Twitter account showing herself wearing a small backpack doing a cute “Mirror Mirror” pose. She tweeted, “MCountdown comeback stage done~ going to do another schedule~ keke It’s mirror dance keke”

This received good comments from Netizens and some of them are as follows:
“Full of charisma on stage, but with cuteness on backstage.”
“Remove the high heeled shoes and Sohyun will look like a child going to school ~kekeke”

On the other hand, despite of receiving contradictory comments about their opposing images for the songs “Heart to Heart” and “Mirror Mirror,” the group still continues to receive a lot of admiration and commendations for their powerful performances and stable vocal skills. A comment even said: “This is the sound of real 4Minute.”

source : DailyKpop, EGN


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