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SJ Leeteuk, “My liking for Han Ga-in has never changed”, surprising confession

SuJu’s leader Leeteuk has once again confessed that his love for Han Ga-in is still unchanged.

On the recent filming of MBC Every1’s “Super Junior’s Foresight”, singer Kim Taewoo and KCM appeared as guests and taught them how to sing in a soul-capturing way.

The 3 MCs (Leeteuk, Shindong, Donghae) brought up some clues for Kim Taewoo and KCM, who are already very close, to find out about each other’s ideal type. In the end, KCM found out that Kim Taewoo’s ideal type is Kim Hyesu, and conversely, Kim Taewoo discovered that KCM’s ideal type is Han Jimin.

Later on, Donghae, who became a one-day MC in Yesung’s stead, picked out Leeteuk’s ideal type, and when the photo of Leeteuk’s ideal type from previously surfaced, it caused the studio to be in a commotion. Leeteuk placed her photo in front of his chest, declaring that his heart has not changed, (but) when he realised that there was a small hole on Han Ga-in’s forehead in the photo, he frowned in response, thinking that it was an injury, turning the recording studio into a sea of laughter.

The details about Donghae finding out Leeteuk’s ideal type will be revealed on the 30th of March, Wednesday at 11PM, on MBC Every1’s “Super Junior’s Foresight”.

Source: DailyKpop, BNT News


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