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YG Entertainment Japan’s Official Message to JVIPs regarding Big Bang’s “Love & Hope 2011”

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Although it recently faced strong opposition from fans, it seems that Big Bang’s upcoming tour in Japan will push through as planned.

On a recent announcement on Big Bang Japan, it was confirmed that Big Bang will continue their seven date tour in the country. However, instead of “Love & Pain 2011,” YG Entertainment renamed the tour to “Love & Hope 2011” in respect to the victims of the calamity.

There has been no official announcement regarding changes in the schedule, and tickets are set to go on sale on the 28th of April.

Update! YG Entertainment Japan has also sent a notice to the VIPs in light of the new confirmations for Big Bang’s “Love and Hope 2011” Tour in Japan.

The notice said, “In Japan, a disaster that we’ve never experienced before happened, and all of us are working hard right now for reconstruction. Many JVIPs were victims. Some people lost their families, friends, hometowns and valuable keepsakes. Some people even lost everything they have in their life because of the tsunami. In this serious situation, we need “HOPE” to be able to rebuild as quickly as possible. With this in mind, we have decided to change the title of the tour (to Love & Hope) and carry on, on schedule.”

The company also expressed that all information regarding this tour will be announced once confirmed, and it will be carried out with the focus on safety and saving electricity. They have also revealed that they have made sure that scheduled blackouts will not be done during the event in Makuhari and will have power supplied cars for lighting, so it won’t affect the power supply of neighboring homes.

The company also promised that they will save on electricity by turning down the lights at the lobby or reducing the use of escalators during the event.

The recent announcement was revealed after numerous fan requests and backlash were received to either cancel the tour or postpone it to a later date.

source : Koreeboo,YGBigbang Japan, BigbangUpdates


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