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FNC Music announces a new rule for CN Blue fans

FNC Music Fanclub has sent out a warning to all the fans who have been following CN Blue in their unofficial events. A recent notice from the manager of the band’s fanclub raised concern over the disturbance caused by some fans following CN Blue in the company’s office, practice studios and dorms.

The announcement resulted after finding that repeatedly reminding fans of the importance in supporting the band through open broadcasts, concerts, and music programs proved ineffective in dissuading some fans from following CN Blue everywhere. On the 8th of April, they sent out a statement containing the solution they thoroughly discussed for fans who violate the new rules.

According to FNC Music, fans who cause disturbance in locations other than the official events will be placed in an ‘exception lists.’ Fans caught will be publicly noted on the band’s official homepage and will not be allowed to take part in any CN Blue activities from then on.

The notice is said to have taken effect yesterday and has emphasized that personal contact with the band members at any locations, unless previously explicitly allowed, is not permitted. The head of the fanclub has reiterated that the new rules in the fanclub have been enacted to ensure the safety of CN Blue and their fans.

What do you think of CN Blue’s new rule?

Source: CNBlue Korea and Code Azzurro via KoreaBoo


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