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Lee Joon Becomes Bruce Lee?

Lee Joon Becomes Bruce Lee?

Lee Joon of MBLAQ recently transformed into legendary Kung-Fu master Bruce Lee on “100 Points Out of 100”.

On the April 9th broadcast of KBS’s “100 Points Out of 100”, MBLAQ member Lee Joon gave viewers an especially entertaining performance as he transformed into the legendary kung-fu actor Bruce Lee.

Looking as if he were straight off the set of “Game of Death”, Lee donned a peculiar wig and the ever-popular yellow tracksuit while showing off his nun chuck skills in his imitation of the Jeet Kune Do creator, the late Bruce Lee.

Check out MBLAQ Jee Joon’s hilariously accurate imitation of Bruce Lee, as well as Eun Ji Won’s Jack Sparrow on “100 Points Out of 100” below:

source : GoKpop


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