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Singer Sung Shikyung Expresses Interest in Girls’ Generation

Singer Sung Shikyung is interested in Girls’ Generation.

During Ock Joohyun’s radio session on KBS Cool FM (89.1MHz), Sung Shikyung didn’t deny his interest in Girls’ Generation.

Along with DJ Ock Joohyun, Sung Shikyung did a duet of Girls’ Generation’s Gee on today’s radio show. DJ Ock Joohyun revealed that she was close with the Girls’ Generation members, and this caught Sung Shikyung by surprise. He asked who Ock Joohyun was closest to and other questions, hoping to learn more about the popular girl group.

Sung Shikyung met the manager whom Girls’ Generation was closest to the other day, and the manager explained the girls really wanted to meet their senior. He then asked if Sung Shikyung could spare time to meet the girls. So Sung Shikyung waited for Girls’ Generation.

But when he arrived, it wasn’t Girls’ Generation that came out but Super Junior’s Kyuhyun instead. In between laughs, he said, “Even though Girls’ Generation wasn’t there, Kyuhyun was also pretty,”.

It’s too bad that Sung Shikyung didn’t get to meet the girls this time round. Let’s hope he meets them next time!

Source: My Daily via Nate
Written by: spiceshoe@soshified.com

via dkpopnews


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