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Super Junior members promote various Korean foods

The Super Junior-M members have been keeping themselves busy promoting their latest album “Too Perfect,” but all the Super Junior members have also been working hard as ambassadors for the Ministry of Food in Korea. As they have taken on the role of promoting Korean food around the world, Super Junior released their promo last month endorsing the popular food bibimbap.

Now the members are back and are here to share their experiences toward their favorite foods. Member Siwon expresses his childhood memory with the scallion pancake. Shindong explains more about the appetite booster, Osam bulgogi, and Eunhyuk elaborates more about his favorite food, Japchae.

The other members will be featured in their own segments sharing their favorite foods over the course of the next week. Super Junior expects to come back later this year to release a new album. ELFs can now check out the CFs and see their boys talk about Korean food until their comeback date arrives.

Siwon – Scallion Pancake:

Shindong – Osam bulgogi:

Eunhyuk – Japchae:

Source: TheTasteofKorea via KoreaBoo



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