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TVXQ’s Yunho reunited with his first love on a new SBS variety show

TVXQ’s Yunho reunited with his first love in a new variety program! Earlier today, it was reported that Yunho appeared for the filming of the new variety show “Dalgona” and sources state that the show reunited him with his first lady love.

It was reported that during the appearance, he was able to reunite with his close friends and teachers from his hometown, Gwangju, through a broadcast video. Among all the people close to him, the one very special to him was revealed to be his first love. Confirmed to be a few years his senior, Yunho’s first love is now a married lady with two children.

Later on in the show, Yunho confessed that even though she was his first love, he described it as a one sided affair towards an experienced senior during his teenage period. During the broadcast, Yunho’s first love also confessed that she knew about his admiration towards her. The rest of the show continued to reveal more interesting stories of Yunho’s youth back in Gwangju.

The episode is planned to be broadcast on the 22nd of April on SBS.

Source: ContinueTVXQ via KoreaBoo


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