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What will Happen After All the F(x) Teasers are Finally Revealed?

What will Happen After All the F(x) Teasers are Finally Revealed?

F(x) is almost ready for its comeback, but what is going to happen after their last teaser is revealed?

So far four teasers have been released presenting the new concepts for Krystal, Amber, Sulli and Victoria. The only missing member is Luna, and her teaser will be revealed in just a while.

All the girls show different styles. Krystal stares at the camera with intense eyes under an orange light; Amber is now blonde but keeps her boyish side; Sulli presents a cute and lovely side with her big smile; while Victoria looks like a doll.

Netizens have been commenting that after Luna’s teaser is revealed it will be a jackpot, and have also praised the members for the great pictures.

Also they can not longer wait for their new song but we have to patient since ‘Pinocchio’ will be out on the 20th. Until then we just have to survive with the wonderful spoilers.

source : GoKpop


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